SAF is a group of interested professionals that formed SAF 
as a non-profit organization in 
2011 to be a source of practical and FREE information on components of a good arena footing ground
(sand, clay, silt, organic). continued below

Our committee members are Steve Thornton (PRCA Gold Card Member), 
Mike Qualls (USTRC), Randy Spraggins (PBR Associate & Contractor), 
Michael DePew (ETS Laboratory & Consultant, and subcommittee chairman 
for ASTM F08.28 and F08.64), 
Jimmie Munroe (Past President WPRA), George McDermott (35 year 
Horse Track Superintendent & Consultant, current committee member 
WSS, and) Jim Brown (co-owner Tex-Sand, 
40 years Sports Surface Contractor, current committee member
ASTM F08.28), Cortney Guidry (co-owner Tex-Sand, current 
committee member ASTM F08.28 ). 

We seek the involvement of Rodeo professionals and committees that have an interest in 
arena footing standards. SAF has 4 committee members currently on the ASTM 
(American Society of Testing and Materials) F08.28 Equestrian footings subcommittee.

In our efforts as SAF, we have tested approximately 70 arenas, and half as many race tracks using qualified testing procedures. Our database includes many of your PRCA event locations from 
New Jersey to California. We have tested and made recommendations that have resulted in 3 arenas receiving the Most Improved Footing Award presented at the NFR (by the WPRA) three of the last four years.

We would like to see the people who care about rodeo, and want to maintain it true to its roots be in control of its destiny. Not outside organizations with an agenda for sales, funding 
research for grad students and professors.

Please contact us HERE if you want to
make a difference and be involved!